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Welcome to Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground  is a peer support group for people who are divorced, widowed, separated, or ending a significant relationship. We are a non-profit organization , that is open to all adults and has no religious affiliation.

Neutral Ground is a United Way Donor Designation Eligible Agency #2400
Tuesday November 29: ROCtheDay for Neutral Ground. (a United Way  Event) Please Donate!!:

Neutral Ground Meets at  HUCC 1400 Lehigh Station Rd., Henrietta
Welcome to our Friendly Meetings! Meetings on Thursdays 7 -9 PM
1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7 PM
 Henrietta UCC, 1400 Lehigh Station Road, Henrietta, NY, 14467

 is for people new to Neutral Ground. We hold Orientation monthly on 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7 PM.  Please plan to join us during coffee time. At Orientation, you will learn more about what Neutral Ground is, and what we do. Orientation is one evening only, a meeting that will usually last for about two hours. In Orientation you will learn about various Neutral Ground groups. You will also learn about membership in Neutral Ground, how to register for different groups, and volunteer opportunities. A $4 donation is requested for Orientation.

          You don't need to contact us first. Just show up, and our friendly Greeter will show you the way from coffee time to Orientation. It's lots easier after this first step... 

Coffee time is held from 6:30 PM until 7 PM for the evenings participants.

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November 2016 Newsletter
December 2016 Newsletter

Neutral Ground Friday Dances have been temporarily discontinued, effective October 16, 2016, due to circumstances beyond our control. Please be patient as we look at new options to hold our dances again in a new location in the future.
We appreciate everyone who has supported us at our dances. 
We also want to give a special thankyou to Joetta our DJ.
She has worked our dances for over 25 years!!
The Neutral Ground Board and Joetta are working together to find a new location.We look forward to seeing you all in the future. We will post an update as soon as we have news to share. Thank you all again.

A message from our DJ Joetta:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, it seems as though our Friday night dances have come to an abrupt least for now. This has left me with a feeling of sadness and loss, one without closure!

We are going to continue to search for a new location to have the dances, one that will be central for all to be able to attend. Hopefully, we will be able to spread the word that the dances will once again resume in the springtime.

For more than 25 years, I have been so fortunate as to have been able to play music, and connect with so many familiar faces that quickly become friends. There have been priceless memories that I will always treasure. Not many people are blessed with a job where people come to dance and feel happiness for the night. I have seen people meet that one true love that they have been waiting for, and I have even had the privilege to play at their weddings. We even experienced a proposal right on the dance floor!!

There have been sad times as well...friends that would come to every single dance, and quietly pass away, and become a priceless memory. I've gone to their funerals, and when I have met their families, I was humbled beyond words when they told me that I made a difference to their loved ones life...this leaves me at a loss for words.

Throughout the years, people have been so kind as to tell me how much they enjoy the dances, and the music and your requests that I play, and how they look forward to Friday night. Trust me when I say, the feeling is have all touched my life in so many different ways as well.

I want to send each of you love and hugs for accepting me throughout all of these years. You are and always will be very special to me, and I will never take that for granted. I am truly sorry that we didn't have a chance to have a farewell dance, to share memories, share hugs, and one final dance.
With great fondness,


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